BY: Carol Green

February 26, 2021

Much like so many of my colleagues within the naturopathic healing space, my career as a  Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner was born out of my own health journey.

The challenges of dealing with multiple chronic health conditions over the years, and not finding answers within mainstream medicine sparked the need to dig deeper as to the root cause of my symptoms.

The unfortunate truth is that the average doctor visit is between 13 and 16 minutes, just long enough to match the symptom with a prescription, and out the door you go!

Sure, conventional medicine might work if you have a short-term issue requiring treatment, however, this ‘band-aid’ approach usually does not get down to solving the real issue.

Collectively, my health journey has spanned three decades, many hours of research and self-discovery, unyielding doctor visits, and misdiagnoses.

Is this you?

There is nothing more distressing than to feel dreadful, and be told ‘your labs look fine, so you must be fine’. If this sounds like your experience, you are not alone!

 Courage from the Heart

One of my favorite mentors is Brene Brown, an amazing lady and truth bomb speaker, I draw on her research for courage and inspiration, and in writing this piece.

‘Courage’ from the Latin word ‘Cor’ which means ‘heart; is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. 

Here’s the thing; as a society, we love the ‘rising from the ashes’ story, to hear about the one who ‘fought her way back’, the shiny success story. The ones who are in the arena, fighting the battle… not so much.

A great quote favored by Brene is by Theodore Roosevelt, from his ‘Man in the Arena speech, delivered at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, April 1910

Healing is a journey, and over the past three decades, I have certainly come a long way in conquering the mountain, rising above a debilitating heart condition, digestive issues, and working on healing debilitating fatigue.

A Voice from the Arena

Tired, exhausted, worn out. How many of you are feeling like this on a daily basis? I chalked it up to adrenal fatigue aka ‘burn out’ resulting from stress, life as a single mom, running my own business and fringe effects of long-term health issues.

The thing is, I just could not shake it, no matter what I did changing up my nutrition, and of course, the usual gamete of lab tests came back just fine. It wasn’t until I began digging deeper and attended a conference on little know common viruses that cause chronic illness that the penny dropped,…. this could be me!

Sure enough, when the labs were run, this is what checked out, a massive viral load, with the Epstein Barr virus and the HHV-6A virus leading the charge.

Viruses?… YUK!!!!

Yup, that was pretty much my reaction! Even though I had spent a full day in conference learning about all this and knew the low down, seeing the lab results was still quite a shock.

Common Viruses Causing Chronic Illnesses

These viruses are shockingly common! The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is one of eight know human herpes viruses is probably the oldest virus on the planet and may have existed for 90 to 100 million years.

There is a pretty strong chance you are carrying the virus with an estimated 95% of the world carriers for the antibodies! These viruses are being passed down generationally, in most people remaining benign, but unfortunately for many, triggering debilitating illnesses and certain types of cancer.

The Invisible Illness

There is nothing worse than suffering from life altering symptoms and having no answers. I call this an ‘invisible’ illness, not only because the symptoms go undiagnosed, but because it’s possible to have a good day, get dressed and look absolutely fine… for while at least.

EBV and related viruses typically trigger a variety of symptoms, not entirely the same for everyone. In my case I suffer from ME/CFS (Myalgic Enchepalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), which is typically characterized by an inability to recover from intense exertion.

While this sounds totally debilitating, it’s really all about how I plan and conserve my energy. A ten mile hike probably isn’t on the cards right now, I do best with movement such as yoga and walking in nature, and planning ahead for the week I am absolutely fine.

Get Your Life Back!

It is highly possible to get well!!  First step is to run the right tests and  create your  recovery plan.

Treatment is not a ‘one size fits all’ box, there are many options, key to your healing is a plan figured out to your bio individual presentation,a holistic approach addressing body, mind and soul is the most effective.

I always say you can’t supplement your way out of a bad diet! Food is the original medicine and will be the back bone to your healing.

On the Healing Path

The body has an amazing ability to heal, given the right tools. I truly believe it is possible to beat this!

My quest is to bring my wisdom, derived from my lived experiences to help you on your healing journey.

I will be  expanding Taste of Healing to include more resources to help those suffering from invisible illnesses such as ME/CFS.

How Can I Help You?

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Your Healing Warrior,


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  1. Thanks for sharing your story Carol. May you continue to heal and feel well. You inspire and give hope to people who have similar experiences. Many blessings!

  2. Thank you Carol for every you do. Sharing this story could not have been easy.
    We need to talk soon and work on getting both of us on a healing path. Send you lots of love and healing intentions.
    Your friend and patient who is forever grateful for you.

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