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  • Author: Carol Green


Bouillabaisse is typically served garnished with a mayonnaise-y sauce made with breadcrumbs. Personally, I don’t care for the texture, and prefer a version of my Mason Jar Mayonnaise


1          Organic egg, room temperature

1/2       Red Bell Pepper, roasted, peeled and seeded

1          Tbsp. lemon juice

1          cup Olive Oil

1          pinch Saffron Threads

Salt, to taste

  • Equipment needed; pint size Mason jar, stick blender


  • Place all the ingredients in the Mason jar
  • Place the stick blender in the Mason jar, resting on the bottom, and begin blending, keeping it on the bottom until the mayonnaise begins to creep up the sides.
  • Lift the blender slightly to blend through.

Taste for seasoning. Store in fridge till needed


* Note: This recipe contains raw egg yolk, dip the egg in boiling water before opening as salmonella contamination is usually on the shell. Know your source of eggs and proceed at your own discretion.