Corporate Wellness


Virtual or in person Corporate wellness events for teaching employees about healthy cooking demonstrations and wellness seminars.

 Corporate Wellness

Your employees are sick and tired and it is costing you money. The Taste of Healing Wellness Program is designed to reduce absentee days, improve productivity and reduce company medical costs.

To motivate and encourage employees in adopting a healthier lifestyle, our program employs education and demonstration of good nutrition, through focused seminars, group and optional customized individual programs.

Our signature program teaches the key foundations of health, knowledge and tools to enable make permanent and lasting changes to manage weight and improve health.

This potentially life changing program provides a chance to reset one’s health and have relief from nagging health problems. A plan that involves no diet deprivation or counting calories while dramatically improving one’s health with a whole food diet.

Possible Program Benefits:
• Education of Foundational Health
• Sustainable Healthy Eating Habits
• Improved Clarity and Better Brain Function
• Stress Reduction
• Improved Vitality
• Increased Energy
• Reduced Sugar Cravings
• Detoxification
• Weight Loss
• Improved Sleep
• Improved Mood

To educate clients and the public to become knowledgeable as to how the body works, and to make an informed, educated decisions to achieve health goals, I offer my services for corporate health seminars.

These are tailored to the specific needs of the event, and range from a one off event to an eight week series. Presentations may include:

  • Nutrition presentation virtual or in person.
  • Cooking demonstration, tasting samples optional.
  • Wellness expo display
  • Variety of wellness topics curated to your audience

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