BY: Carol Green

December 12, 2020

So, you want to be healthy, but you’re tired of all the rules?

One thing I’ve realized after years of working with clients with serious health challenges is that often times sticking to a very rigid nutrition protocol for extended periods of time, can in-fact be detrimental.

I have seen clients do really well sticking to a plan for months, and then it all implodes.


Because no-one wants to feel deprived!

Food should bring joy and following a strict plan day in day out can in fact leave one feeling extremely deprived, and deprivation usually leads to rebellion.

Diet Confusion

Added to the bounds of a ‘diet’, you’re probably bombarded by conflicting messages broadcast on social media and popping up in your inbox, each touting the latest diet ‘cure’.

The result, diet overwhelm and confusion, just how are you supposed to pick out the right plan?

‘One size fits all’ certainly does not apply, we are all individuals, we each have bio-individual dietary needs.


Living the ‘5-2’

No matter which nutrition plan you choose to follow, I firmly believe that implementing it with success hinges on allowing a little wiggle room!

As humans, we are hard-wired for reward and following the confines of a plan strictly day in and day out can create rebellion. Healing is not only about what’s on the plate, but allowing yourself a chance to relax a little, have a little treat.

Hence my food philosophy of living the ‘5-2’.

Follow a gluten-free, anti-inflammatory diet, enjoy delicious clean foods, and on two days of the week, enjoy a little treat!

By treat, I mean ‘clean’ versions of foods other plans might consider out of bounds, like coffee, chocolate, and wine!

A little bit of what is ‘bad’ for you, might actually be good for you!

Peel the layers of the onion

The ‘5-2’ is the food philosophy I generally follow, however as I live with an auto-immune condition, as many of my clients do, there are times when I dig a little deeper and ‘peel the layers of the onion’.

Making health improvements are most effective when it can be a lifestyle, and at times digging deeper and taking on a stricter protocol for a time can help to move the needle in the right direction.

Giving the body space to heal means taking on a detox that allows changes to happen, renewal at the cellular level. A detox really is a change to the way you are currently eating, can look different for everyone.

Bio Individual Healing

My biggest reward as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (now that’s an awfully long title!) is helping clients find their ‘5-2’, the way of life that works and can give you sustainable results, while you enjoy your life!

I’d love to help you find your ‘5-2’, or perhaps you’re ready to ‘peel the layers of the onion’?

Click here for a complimentary call, let’ chat, I’d love to help you on your healing journey.

Chef Carol

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