Virtual Grocery Tour


Coming Soon!

Virtual Grocery Shopping Tour:

Are you seduced by flashy ads of seemingly healthy foods? More confused than ever about what to buy? Bamboozled by food labels and what they really mean? Then a grocery shopping tour is perfect for you!

 Virtual Grocery Store Tour Topics:

    • The correct macro nutrient ratio for a healthy diet and how to shop for it
    • How to read produce labels and select seasonal produce
    • Different cuts of meat and the best uses for them.
    • Sustainable vs farmed seafood and the best choices
    • Food labels, how to decipher these, hand out included.
    • Nutrition buzz words such as ‘all natural’ or ‘lite’ and what they really mean.
    • How to sleuth hidden ingredient dangers such as MSG and sugars.
    • Notes and Grocery list handout to make your shopping trip a breeze


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