BY: Carol Green

February 26, 2019

a plate of Slow Baked Mushroom Miso Chicken

Mushrooms have long been prized for their amazing medicinal properties, a rich source of beta glucans, they have the ability to stimulate the immune system while suppressing pathogens.

A rich source of minerals and amino acids, with antioxidant and metal chelating properties, these healing super heroes go a long way to support gut health.

This past weekend I had the pleasure to prepare a dish made with some amazing organic mushrooms from J & J Family Farm in Clover, SC. Carefully grown in small batches, the fabulous varieties of mushrooms grown by Jennifer and her family are truly special.

For this recipe I used the dried Blue Oyster and Shitake mushrooms; and dried mushroom variety could be used, however porcini and more intense, I’d recommend using a little less.

The earthy mushrooms paired with a rich miso chicken broth was the perfect foil for pasture raised chicken from Sharon Hill Farm  in SC.

Slow simmered, gut healing goodness, enjoy!

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a plate of Slow Baked Mushroom Miso Chicken

Slow Baked Mushroom Miso Chicken

  • Author: Carol Green
  • Total Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x


Earthy Mushrooms prized for their healing properties, paired with a rich miso chicken broth create an elevated comfort slow food chicken dish.



6          Chicken Thigh portions, skin on

1          oz Dried Oyster and Shitake Mushrooms

8          oz brown Bella Mushrooms, cleaned and thick sliced

3          large Shallots, finely diced

4          cloves  Garlic, minced

2          tsp. fresh Ginger, finely grated

2          cups Chicken Stock

¼         cup Mirin (Japanese sweet rice cooking wine)

2          Tbsp. Gluten Free Soy Sauce

2          Tbsp. Darn Miso Paste

1          tsp. Chili Flakes

Ghee for cooking


  • Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.
  • Soak the dried mushrooms in two cups of warm water, set aside.
  • Place the chicken skin side up in a deep casserole dish, and roast for 30 to 40 minutes until skin is golden brown
  • While chicken roasts, prepare the sauce; drain the mushrooms, reserve the liquid, chop finely.
  • Heat a large sauté pan over high heat and sauté the mushrooms in a little ghee until browned, remove from the pan, set aside.
  • Lower the heat to medium, add a little more oil to the pan, add the shallots and garlic, cook until softened.
  • Add the mushrooms back to the pan, along with the chili flakes, ginger, soy, miso paste, chicken stock and reserved mushroom broth (avoid the sediment in the bottom of the bowl)
  • Pour over the chicken in the casserole dish, lower the oven heat to 300F, and cook for 60 minutes, basting once or twice with the sauce.
  • If sauce becomes too thick add a little hot water.
  • Taste for seasoning, garnish with chopped parsley or chives, serve with hot rice.


Any variety of mushrooms could be substituted for those in the recipe. If using porcini or morel mushrooms, use a little less, as they are very flavor intense.

  • Prep Time: 20
  • Cook Time: 90

Keywords: slow food, gut healing, pastured chicken, healing mushrooms, autoimmune

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