Cooking Demonstration Event at Home

Pam P


Carol did a wonderful job of demonstrating the cooking, as well as providing some education on nutrition that we didn’t know about. The recipes and nutrition handouts are really informative and several members of our group are planning to use Carol again.

Ann M

Tega Cay

Very informative session and food was great.

Tena S


Carol is amazing! This was such a fun experience. Highly recommend!!!

Jennifer C, 


Carol, we had the best time! Thank you for the information, amazing, food and sharing your time with us!

Catered Event


Arrived on time, well prepared. Time line for appetizers and main course was spot on. Presentation was very good. Interesting conversations about cooking and various foods… The peri peri chicken livers as an appetizer was my favorite. Different taste with just the right kick…We fed 9 people and 4 little ones.

Carol’s cost was much less than a restaurant. Plus, food was fresh and we did not have to worry about our 4 noise makers…
Will likely do it again for the next special happening.

Nutritional Therapy Consultations

I have known Carol Green as a nutritional chef and a nutritional adviser for 3 years now. I has been a very dynamic approach to personal wellness for me and many before me. She is great at interpreting lab results as it applies directly to me.She has a tool kit of tests to draw from: blood, saliva, urine, and hair. All the tests give you a personal story but the hair testing was especially effective for me.

Hair Mineral Analysis takes no more than a snip of hair from the nap of the neck to reveal one’s personal periodic chart of minerals, metals, and human elements.

It is fascinating to me what insight is gleaned from this very affordable, non-invasive, simple test. It is a snapshot into the significant ratios of calcium, magnesium,potassium plus many more that directly effect metabolic activity and are often overlooked of not considered at all.Ideal ratios can be achieved once you know these markers.

My surprise and concern was about a very high level of the heavy toxic metal mercury. Carol Green worked through may concerns with additional research to formulate a custom detox, supplement, and food plan( I made friends with cilantro, the great heavy metal chelator!) My discipline to that plan managed to move the needle to eliminate the mercury toxicity with in a few months. A second test, 6 months later, revealed an all but negligible amount in my body. That was a WOW! That’s how I spelled RELIEF!

I continue to have a simple customized regime as maintenance and optimal wellness to this day.

Thank you chef Carol. No one combines the impact of flavorful food and nutriceuticals the way you do, kudos to you!

Cristen T.

Carol is a wonderful holistic nutritionist. She explains the science in layman’s terms so that I can understand what is happening in my body, what nutrients I am lacking and how I can improve my overall health. She is a good mix of eastern and western techniques. She is patient and is willing to adapt the plan to your comfort level.

Mike Taylor

The company I work for brought Carol in for her Empower Wellness Classes. I had never thought about seeing a Nutritionist. Fortunately for me I was going through a rough time. I had been treated for what they thought was a stroke and for what they thought were seizures in different trips to the emergency room.

Going in by ambulance only to walk out a few hours later not knowing why or what was happening. Then I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia. Basically this came from my own research and pushing. My general practitioner didn’t believe the problems I was going through. Even when my sugar level tested at 37 during a physical. The endocrinologist just told me to be careful with my diet. They were treating me like a diabetic. This is totally different.

Carol touched on the subject in class and I asked her about it. That’s when my changes started. She completed a hair analysis that found I was low on minerals due to some digestive problems from having the Noro Virus. She told me what to do and what minerals to take to eliminate my problems. I went from a constant battle of passing out several times a day back to living a normal life.

I have changed my diet and I am taking the minerals I need. At this time, I have very little to no problems with the hypoglycemia depending on how I eat and exercise.

I guess you could say Carol changed or saved my life. We are still working to get my system totally correct but basically I am back to living a normal life. I can eat in restaurants again, I can go out at night and I can travel again. My sugar levels are remaining normal. They say that reactive hypoglycemia can lead to diabetes because the pancreas wears out from over producing insulin. I hope we have eliminated this possibility or pushed it further down the road.

Thank you Carol Green for giving me my life back.

Karen W.

Carol you have been a blessing to me. I have learned so much about my body and food, and that is a lot of work but so worth it! Once I got past the first two weeks and got used to the schedule, it changed the way I look at food, WOW! what a difference it has made for me!

I shop differently, I cook differently and I love it all! I am feeling fantastic (22Lb weight loss in 12 weeks), and I can’t wait for the next phase. Thank you so much

Sylvia Subers

Dear Carol,

I would like to thank you for giving my life back to me.

For at least six years or more I have been sick but no doctor could seem to tell me specifically what was wrong. After being in the hospital for a week, it took months, many tests and finally a diagnosis of lupus. Still I felt sluggish and not very good. Strange illnesses would happen for no reason, I never felt right.

No one ever asked what I was eating or thought it might be the cause. Recently I began to hemorrhage and went to the emergency room and was taken off all food and medicine with great pain and a morphine drip. When food was introduced it was all foods that where bad – artificial. I got somewhat better went home and was sent back to the hospital.

Over a total of four weeks I saw four gastroenterologists had more tests, they told me I was not allergic to gluten and to eat whatever I wanted. I did and got worse. More medicine, more pills.

I finally heard Carol speak at the YMCA and what I heard made so much sense. I went to see Carol, we went over my symptoms, what I was eating and changed my diet completely with supplements to assist the healing process. I have been working with carol for three months and have felt better than I have in years!

My daughter had not seen me in seven months and when she saw me she could not believe how good I look! My hair has grown back, my fingernails look better and I have more energy. I am happy and healthy.

Thank you carol for giving my life back to me!”

Forever healthy

Sylvia Subers

Heather Harper

The day I first went to see Carol at Taste of Healing, I was so weak, fatigued, and fogged that could barely dress myself and probably shouldn’t have been driving. I was pre-diabetic, overweight, completely inflamed, and had chronic migraines, extensive food allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, polycystic ovaries, and endometriosis. The one good thing I thought I had was digestion.

She was very understanding and empathetic, which was comforting considering the lack of which I have been receiving from traditional doctors. She insightfully determined that I was too weak to traditionally detox, and worked with me on an individualized diet protocol, which evolved from healing my gut, which wasn’t so good after all, to healing and making me stronger layer by layer, all while managing to avoid extensive food allergies and sensitivities.

Within 6 weeks I was able to do more than I had in two years, and now after 6 months, I am stronger, healthier, and have more stamina than I ever thought I would again. Although far from completely healed, Carol has brought me this far and given me hope for my continued journey to total healing. She is a blessing and a delight to work with.

Carol’s nutritional therapy truly has helped me regain my life.

Nutritional Therapy and Chef Service:

Jim K.

I began using Carol after learning that I had early stage cancer on my vocal cord. I was fortunate that the cancer was treatable with surgery, but I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of remaining cancer free.

After researching the impact of diet on cancer I felt like I needed a nutritionist who would work with me to translate all the data and design a plan that made sense. I didn’t want to inconvenience my family with what might be an unusual diet, so I also wanted someone who would prepare meals for me so I could have food ready to eat for lunches and dinner.

I’ve been using Carol’s services as both Nutritionist and Chef for over 6 months now and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who’s interested in a healthy diet but not willing to sacrifice great tasting food in the bargain!

Carol has designed meal plans, shopped and prepared meals for me that are delicious and provide excellent sources of foods known to help the immune system protect against the threat of cancer. I’m very athletic, and I was concerned that the change in diet would leave me with less energy for my workouts. I was thrilled to find that it was just the opposite. I’ve never felt better.

Carol is a warm and caring person and is very enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge on how healthy eating habits impact the digestive process and immune system. If you have questions about how to eat better and love every bite, you should try her.

Personal Chef Service

Sherry B.

It was really a nice experience. She spent time with me discussing the type of foods my family enjoys and what our goals were.

She did everything – shopped, cooked, stored, and cleaned up. The food was really good, and it was the best Bolognese I have ever eaten!

Meal Planning & Cooking Lessons

Spent the day with Carol cooking! Showing me how to meal plan and prep healthy meals that meet my goals and dietary needs. I am so excited to learn how to do this and it actually seems like something I can do! Thanks a million Carol!!!

Thank you for reading.