BY: Carol Green

January 8, 2019

Taste of Healing Poster Ann Wigmore Quote

Taste of Healing Poster Ann Wigmore Quote


I just had to share, this really made my day!

These are the results from my clients 6 week check in appointment, and I am SO happy!!

Seeing such amazing results from a client is the best part of my job!

As a measure of symptom burden, a tool I use in practice is the Nutri-Q questionnaire, a great place to start, (and quick for the client to fill out).

These results are pretty typical of  someone resolved to improve their health!

The best part is retaking the questionnaire to track progress, and after ONLY 6 WEEKS this was the result for my client!!


Symptom Burden Graph

This is a testament to the bio individual  Clean 15 Detox Program! Based on delicious whole foods, a program to nourish and heal.

The Taste of Healing motto is ‘Healing Never Tasted So Good’; we believe that food to help you heal should look as amazing as it tastes.

The power of the plate, I always say, you cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet!

This is what my client had to say:

‘I feel so much better after my 15-day detox and changing my eating habits. I am learning lessons that will stick with for the rest of my life.

Carol is amazing…all the recipes and protocols she customized for me are getting me closer to a healthy more vibrant person.

The recipes are amazing …the info provided timely and a great resource. Carol provides plenty of support and encouragement.

I would highly recommend Carol services to anyone …even if you think you are in good health.”

Denise C.

Nutritional balancing is all about ‘peeling the layers of the onion’, making health changes at a sustainable pace.

Perhaps the Clean 15 Detox is not the right fit for you, it’s all about bio-individual assessment.

Are you ready to reveal your healthier, vibrant self?

Chef Carol Green at the market

To support you on your wellness journey I offer a life changing Three Month Coaching program.

At Taste of Healing your program is tailored to YOU, getting to the root of health issues and helping you be your most energetic self.

Why three months?

Healing is a journey, and not an overnight process. There is so much information to share, and most of you have busy, busy schedules.

We’ll structure the program to suit your schedule, delve into your health history, analyze lab work and compile your bio-individual blueprint. My role is as your coach, cheerleader, wellness educator and accountability partner.

It’s that time of year when your inbox is just loaded with emails for all sorts of health offers promising a miraculous makeover!

We focus on sustainable change, and a protocol that works for your lifestyle.

My wish is that at the end of the three months you’ve gained knowledge and skills to put you on the right healing path and enjoy measurable health improvements!

Are you ready to jump on board?

Click this button below to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me!

Mention code JANUARY to receive 10% off your package!

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