Turmeric Buttermilk-Brined Grilled Chicken

A Plate of Buttermilk Spice Grilled Chicken

Buttermilk lends just the right amount of acidity to beautifully tenderize the chicken. Turmeric and Za’Atar lend a wonderful Middle Eastern spin to the recipe.



1              Organic Chicken

2              cups Full Fat Buttermilk

2              Tbsp. Tamari Soy Sauce

2              Tbsp. Olive Oil

1              tsp. Toasted Sesame Oil

1              Tbsp. Turmeric powder

2              tsp. Za’Atar spice blend

1              tsp. Salt


Spatchcock the chicken; remove the backbone, spread the chicken out and gently press down on the breastbone to flatten.

Place in a large ziplock bag or container.

Whisk together all the marinade ingredients and pour over the chicken, covering all surfaces.

Place in the fridge for 4 hours to 8 hours, turning occasionally.

Preheat the oven to 350F, place the chicken in a roasting pan and par cook for one hour.

Remove, brush lightly with a little extra oil and transfer to the grill, preheated to medium heat. Grill for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, turning, until internal temperature of 165F is reached.