What Secrets Are Your Hair Holding?

Hello! I’d like to introduce you to an amazing, completely non-invasive test, that can give you an in-depth snapshot of your health.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis  

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (or HTMA for short), is a dynamic ‘biopsy’ of the hair that provides an accurate report of mineral deficiencies and heavy metal burden.

From a small sample of the hair, a lab report is generated that reveals an array of thirty-seven different minerals and heavy metals in the body! The test is relatively inexpensive, and can provide an plethora of information as to individual metabolism and body chemistry.

Why test the hair and not the blood?

HTMA is a soft tissue biopsy, and hair is considered a soft tissue. Minerals and metals are deposited in the hair, and provide an extremely accurate snapshot of activity at cellular level. Blood is usually tested as a serum blood test, and as the blood is constantly working to stay in balance, therefore the levels of minerals in the blood are fluctuating and inaccurate.

Heavy metals  do not stay present in the blood for very long, immediately after exposure to a heavy metal, the body moves the metal, for example lead, to the organs and tissues, including the hair.

Why get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test?

Minerals are truly the ‘spark plugs’ of the body, and are essential to countless biochemical processes. An HTMA test will not only assess the levels of minerals present in the body, but will also also report on the relative ratios of the minerals to each other.

The pioneer researchers in the field HTMA, Drs Eck and Watts, determined through studying thousands of HTMA reports, that the interrelationship of the minerals to each other, revealed vast information as to the patient’s health status.

What can an HTMA tell me about my health status?

The thyroid and adrenal glands, for example, are reliant on correct mineral for optimal function. The balance of calcium/potassium determine thyroid function, and sodium/magnesium the adrenals.

HTMA can detect imbalances long before a blood test can, understanding the key concepts behind an HTMA can correct mineral imbalances influencing a vast array of health conditions such as cardiovascular, hypertension, blood sugar balance and metabolic rate.

What causes mineral imbalances?

The average person is bombarded in the modern environment, by a slew of toxins which take a toll on the body.

A diet high in refined foods, excess sugars and damaged fats can be a contributor to depleted nutrient levels. Many clients will come and see me and unload a bag full of nutritional supplements, taking large amounts of the wrong supplements can create further mineral imbalances.

Stress, both physical and emotional is a huge contributor, particularly in rapidly deleting magnesium stores. Add environmental pollution and over the counter medications to the equation, it is plain to see how easily one can become deficient.

Ready to take charge of your health?

I work with clients  via online web meeting nationwide or in person in Fort Mill, SC  to create an individual plan for you, based on your bio individual presentation.

HTMA Wellness Package

$ 525.00 Includes Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis lab cost.

A nutritional ‘revamp’ one-month package. Ideal for those looking to fine tune changes to an overall healthy diet.

Consultations & Support:     

  • 60-minute intake appointment to go over signs and symptoms, review health history and discuss health goals and options for an individual wellness plan.
  • 60-minute consultation, presenting comprehensive wellness ‘report of findings’ protocol based on HTMA results, health history questionnaires, food journals and lab tests.
  • Email support for quick Q& A during package
  • Follow up 30-minute phone call one week after last consult.

Bio Individual Plan:

  • Bio Individual Nutritional Protocol, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • Menu plan and recipes customized to your preference and skill level.
  • Recommendations for additional therapies to assist your wellness journey.

  • Have questions?
  • Schedule a complimentary 30 minute ‘Discovery’ call